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At Every End, A Beginning || Martinez and Gareth 


This was the last time that Albert would be put on watch. Guests had entered the main courtyard without warning, and no one was there to greet them. No one but Gareth that was. He’d been watering the planters near the entry to the dorms when he’d heard the voice ring out. He set down the watering can and stepped out into the main courtyard.

He offered the usual welcome, along with his name. Two were usually such an easy group to deal with. Two rarely warranted the rail cars. Assuming of course that they didn’t pose a threat. Gareth heard the shuffle of a sniper on the roof and felt better about things. He had back up at least. Then he felt Alex by his side and he relaxed a little more. “We ask that you set down all your weapons, and let Alex here do a quick check, then we’ll get you situated with a place to put your things and some food.

He watched as Alex cautiously approached the man and woman. “You understand, this is merely procedure. We don’t know you, you don’t know us, what we do is for our mutual protection. Do you have any questions?”

The man that approached them, Gareth he’d said his name was, made Martinez uncomfortable. There was something about this man — perhaps his confidence or the fact that he talked so freely — that made his skin prickle. He fought the urge to tighten his grip on the butt of the the rifle, and instead, glanced back at Lilly. Her face was drawn and pale, and her frame was thin. The road and her grief had not treated them well. They needed this place. 

Swallowing roughly, Martinez turned back to Gareth. He didn’t yet lower his gun. He would, for Lilly, he knew, but not just yet. “I’m Martinez. And she’s Lilly. We’ve been on the road for weeks now. Just the two of us.” While he spoke, he scanned their surroundings taking note of the brick building, the garden, what looked to be empty rail cars in the distance, the silhouette of a sniper on the roof. Almost immediately, Martinez’ posture shifted. “I’ll lower my gun, but I’m not going to set it down. Not with your amigo up their lining us up in his sites. Like you said. We don’t know you. And you don’t know us.”

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Welcome to Terminus. “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.” . .


Welcome to Terminus. “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive.” . .

At Every End, A Beginning || Martinez and Gareth 

Glancing back at Lilly, his mouth pulled into a thin line as he felt his jaw clench. She looked pale, and even though she’d reassured him countless times that she was fine, he worried. How could he not? It’d been, by his best estimate, close to four weeks since they’d left Meghan’s body buried beneath the orange soil in the shade of a lilac bush on that hillside.  He never should have left —  He shook this thought from his mind. He’d been through it all before. The should haves and maybe ifs. Thoughts like that were poisonous, and they couldn’t afford the antivenin. Instead, he paused and turned to face Lilly, Waiting until she was within reach, he pulled her to himself fr the briefest of moments and let his arms wrap around her back. Stepping back, he tipped her chin up and looked into he eyes. Tomorrow. He said.

But the tomorrows kept coming with no way of knowing if they were any closer to their destination. Even though he knew that their pace had been slow these past few days — every step felt as thought it drained into their bones and sucked the energy right out — they had to be close. He’d never been much good with maps, but surely they’d stumble over that star labelled terminus before too much longer. 

That night, he took watch as Lilly slept lightly against his shoulder. In the trees, he could hear squirrels and other creatures skittering through the night and his stomach clenched down on itself. Maybe this would be the last night spent this way, he told himself. 

Though he had no way of knowing it, that was the last night he and Lilly would have to spend on the road. The next day, around noon judging by the sky, they stumbled upon a white wooden sign. 


Those who arrive, survive


What had been declared to be two miles later, they walked in through open gates into the end they’d been chasing. Clutching the butt of his rifle, he slowly raised it and let the metal settle in his palm. Though beggars couldn’t afford to be choosers, he also couldn’t be too careful. Nodding towards Lilly, he watched her stop in place as he took two long strides forward. “Hello?” he called out. “Hello? We followed this map — it brought us here. Is this Terminus?”

Firstly an apology to all of you who I had threads with. Some extenuating circumstances arose away from the interwebs and Martinez had to take a back seat. I’m trying to slowly bring him back, though response times will be slow. 

If you want to continue your thread with him, please let me know. If you want to do something knew, that’s perfect. Inbox me and we’ll talk plot. 


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